NaMiiO: a powerful cheat and backup device for NFC games


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NaMiiO: NFC Backup System !

Official website:
Download: NaMiiO software v1.07
Power Cheat Software–Powersaves V1.21
Operation Instruction:
PowerCheat operation
NaMiiO Installation & Operation

* Support to Windows 7/8/10.
* No need NFC android phone.
* NFC backup system for NFC game figures.
* Power cheat function for NFC game characters.
* USB connection for PC operation, just Plug n Play.
* Windows application software with Easily and Friendly API.
* Special Power token for character backup with unlimited time of backup/restore.
* Included: NaMiiO x 1, Power Token x 2, Token holder x 2, cover paper x 1, USB cable x 1

Additional information

Memory Card

MicroSDHC Card 16G(+£13.99), MicroSDHC Card 8G (+£7.99), No SD Card


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