R5SDHC flashcard works on 3DS V9.4.0 and New 3DS for 3ds roms

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[Latest News]
DiskWriter V1.05 and template file updated.(2014-12-25)
Template file updated.(2014-12-19)
Template file and DiskWriter V1.04 updated. And SKY3DS now can work on the 3DS V9.3/9.4. (2014-12-13)
* Please have a try on runnning these 2 version dw_sf1 and  dw_sf2 if you’re troubled with MH4G or EX troopers.Besides,Some mirror bugs on DW is being fixed and will get you update soon after it updated. It is a strong recommendation for you to use the regular high speed micro sd and be aware of the downgrade fake one in the market.
More info. please go to R5SDHC.COM

[Descryption of R5SDHC]
R5sdhc flashcart  is the world’s first flashcart that let your backup games run on V9.x.x version and also a new card for playing 3ds games on N3DS V9.4.0, new 3D and some features such as eshop games,online games and multi 3ds roms are supported!

[Why you buy from us]
1. All the R5SDHSC flashcard we sell out has been tested to guarantee its perfect quality! Our customer do not need to worry about the quality problem.
2. Fast shipping, Our cusotmer will recieve yours goods about only 7-15 days. All delievery will include the tracking number. More convenient for you to consult your traking procedure!
3. Our price is the lowest price compared to the other sellers!!and No Fake cards is promised!!
4. For those customer who have bought our cards already please feel free to contact us if you have any other problem! The best service will be provided to you !!
5. Finally, Highest performance ratio with the low price you won’t miss!!

[Official features of R5SDHC]
1. Support all Version/Region of 3DS console, including the New 3DS.
2. Support all system version up to latest v9.2.0-20 (update 2014-10-30)
3. Just plug and play, no more 2 card swapping operation.
4. No firmware update needed.
5. Support multi-rom function.
6. Compatible with Micro SD up to 64G.
7. Support eShop and playing game online.
8. The saveing operation is as normal.

[FAQ about R5SDHC]

Q:Why can’t MH4 be backuped?
A:Pls try to use dw_sf1 and dw_sf2 to backup.

Play 3DS Games online

Play 3DS roms via R5SDHC

Play E-SHop Games via R5SDHC




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