Supercard DSTwo best flashcard works on DS DSi 3DS for playing ds roms


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[Latest News]

1.Supercard dstwo is working great on the latest 3ds firmware V10.1.0-27.

2.Supercard dstwo is working great on the latest 3ds firmware V9.9.0-26.(2015-07-16)

3.Supercard dstwo is working great on the latest 3ds firmware V9.3.0-21.(2014-12-9)
More Info. please go to DSTwo

[Descryption of DSTwo]
DSTwo is a super card released by supercard team. It is the best flashcard for DS DSi 3DS. Supercard DStwo is a 2nd generation flashcart provides many additional features which other cards do not can use it to play GBA games with only slot-1, also some other powerful features such as video playback without conversion, better SNES emulation. If you want to buy the best 3ds flashcart, DStwo is the best choose.

[Why you buy from us]
1. All the DSTwo flashcard we sell out has been tested to guarantee its perfect quality! Our customer do not need to worry about the quality problem.
2. Fast shipping, Our cusotmer will recieve yours goods about only 7-15 days. All delievery will include the tracking number. More convenient for you to consult your traking procedure!
3. Our price is the lowest price compared to the other sellers!!and No Fake cards is promised!!
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[Official features]
1.RealTime Functions: RealTime Save, RealTime Game Guide(txt,bmp,jpg) & RealTime Cheat. (More stable, more easy to use, cheat code compatible with R4 and DSTT now)
2.Multi Saves (Up to 4 slot), Easy to backup and restore saves.
3.Unlimited MicroSD storage space support. SDHC support. FAT or FAT32.
4.Multiple languages (English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Spanish)
5.Built-in GBA & SNES Emulator.
6.Action Slow Motion (4 levels,).
7.File Management System (Copy, Paste, Cut and Delete, long file name support).
9.Perfect support for long file names;
10.Real-time save slot increase to 4 slots. (Exclusive built-in automatic detection of 3D game engine technology, stability, greatly enhanced);
11.Give up cheat-code slow motion game play method, improved use of CPU to do operations, “precise control of CPU speed” Achieving the action slowed down, stability / compatibility and better.
12.Real-Time Game Guide will support txt formats without conversion, beautify the font is more beautiful;
13.New UI interface design. Easier-to-use.
14.Advanced multimedia playback: native DivX/XviD playback as well as other major formats, similar to the iPlay

[DSTwo Latest kernel V1.11 download here].

[FAQ about DSTwo]
:How to use GBA linkage function?
A:Usage: NAME.nds, NAME.nds.gba, NAME.nds.gba.sav. These three files are DS game file, GBA game file, GBA game save. NAME which can be user defined. This feature is selected by the user to open, choose the interface in the start menu, select System Settings option.
Q:What is DSTWO different from other flash cart?
A:DSTWO is real the 2nd generation flash cart, built-in powerful CPU, can emulate GBA and can provide more powerful function. Other flash cart can’t do this without the built-in CPU.
Q:How to install DSTWO OS?
A:Please go to the user instruction manual.
Q:  Why I can’t enter DSTWO menu?
A:  1. Make sure use the correct OS version. There are two version of DSTWO, English version and Chinese version. English version hardware can only use English version OS. 2、Insert the TF card or DSTWO again, maybe this is poor contact problem.
Q:Can SuperCard DSTWO use on DSi, DSiLL and DSiXL?
A:Yes. SuperCard DSTWO can use on all DS series. NDS, NDSL/iDSL, NDSi/iDSi, NDSiLL/DSiXL.
Q:Can DSTWO boot slot 2 flash cart on DSL?
A:Yes. There is a menu on DSTWO system menu to boot slot 2 flash cart.
Q:Can DSTWO run homebrew?
A:Yes. Such as moonshell, colors etc.
Q:What size of MicroSD does SuperCard DSTWO support?
A:DSTWO support SDHC, up to 32GB.
Q:Does SuperCard DSTWO support multi-language?
A:Yes. DSTWO support 7 languages. English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, Italy, Japan, Spain, in seven languages, can be easy change. And it’s very easy to make new language package.
Q:Can DSTWO play movie directly without convert like iPlayer?
A:Yes. But not at the launch time, actually, DSTWO CPU is more power than iPlayer CPU, we need time to develop a powerful movie playback software to release DSTWO multi-media power.

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