Supercard DSTWO plus works on 3DS system V4.1-9.2 for playing 3ds, ds roms supports GBA SFC games




[Revolution for DSTWO plus]
Supercard DSTWO plus is also a new flashcard comes from team. Actually the new dstwo plus flashcard hasn’t out. It will take not short time until the card is released, will be in 2015 sometime. so there is not too much info. about it. It is said that the DSTWO plus flashcard can support both 3ds games and ds roms on all 3ds system version from V4.1-9.2

But if you wanna buy a flashcard for your 3ds console for playing 3ds games, SKY3DSGateway 3DS(support 3ds system version from V4.1-V9.2) both are good choice. As for playing ds roms, R4i gold 3dsR4i Dual Core are the one for you!

[Why you buy from us]
1. All the flashcard we sell out has been tested to guarantee its perfect quality! Our customer do not need to worry about the quality problem.
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[Some features]
1. Play ds and 3ds games
2. Slow motion for 3ds games
3. Unlimited cheats and saves for 3ds games
4. support all consoles (3ds. 3ds xl, 2ds. new 3ds, new 3ds xl) v4.1-9.2

Additional information

Memory Card

MicroSDHC Card 16G(+£13.99), MicroSDHC Card 8G (+£7.99), No SD Card


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