Wood R4i Gold 3DS for 3DS V11.6.0-39, DS, DSi (XL) v1.4.5




R4i Gold 3DS supports the newest 3DS V11.6.0-39 directly !

You will get a free 8GB memory card!

Note: all the R4i Gold 3DS cards will be upgraded to the new version R4i Gold 3DS Plus for free! news

Wood R4i Gold 3DS supports playing ds roms on the newest 3DS V11.6.0-39 directly!!!

Latest News

*  R4i Gold 3DS supports the newest 3DS V11.6.0-39 directly ! (2017-09-19) news

*  R4i Gold 3DS supports the newest 3DS V11.4.0-37 directly ! (2017-04-11)

*  R4i Gold 3DS supports the newest 3DS V11.3.0-36 directly ! (2017-02-08)

1. R4i Gold 3DS supports the newest 3DS V11.2.0-35 directly ! (2016-10-25)

2. R4i Gold 3DS supports the newest 3DS V10.5.0-30 directly ! (2016-1-26)

3.R4i Gold 3DS supports the newest 3DS V10.3.0-28 directly ! (2015.11.10)

4.R4i Gold 3DS supports the newest 3DS V10.2.0-28 directly ! (2015.10.20)

5.R4i Gold 3DS supports the newest 3DS V10.1.0-27 directly ! (2015.09.15)

6.R4i Gold 3DS supports the newest 3DS V9.9.0-26 directly ! (2015.07.16)
7.R4i Gold 3DS supports the newest 3DS V9.8.0-25 directly ! (2015.06.02)
8.R4i Gold 3DS supports the newest 3DS V9.7.0-25 directly ! (2015.04.21)
9.It is confirmed that R4i Gold 3DS can work on the latest 3DS console V9.6.0-24 greatly for playing ds games!(2015-03-24)
10.It is confirmed that R4i Gold 3DS can work on the latest 3DS console V9.4.0-21 greatly for playing ds games!(2014-12-13)

About R4i Gold 3DS

R4i Gold 3DS is a new flashcard works on 2DS, 3DS, 3DS XL, 3DS, DSi, DS lit which means no matter what firmware version your console is, this card will be working great on it for playing ds games! Besides, wood is also supported!


* Automatic DLDI patching
* Cheats/AR support
* Save type detection
* Multiple save slots per game
* Game compatibility
* Simple/Sturdy design
* Functional menus
* Fully-skinnable
* Some native slot-2 support
* Quick and easy shortcuts list
* Regular update

Q: I was wondering if I could get a tracking number for my order.
A: Yes, of course we will send a tracking number to our customer once we shipped your goods. And the available tracking website will also be send to you! So it is more convenient and safety for our customer to know the info. about your package!

Q: What will happen with the next 3ds update. I keep reading that you have to find a ds or dsi and do a bunch of stuff. I know I will not have access to one of them. None of my friends have that system. And do games come included on the sd card? some sites do some sites don’t.
A: The card we send out can work perfectly on the latest 3DS, but if the 3DS updates in future, first, don’t update your 3DS console instantly, you need to make sure your flashcart can still work on the updated 3DS, so the best method is update your flashcart first, update your 3DS console second. if you can not find any of the DS lite or DSi to do the update, you just do not udpate the 3DS console until you find a DS lite to update your card.

Q: How do I put games in the R4i Gold 3DS? I put a Games folder and put my rom’s inside already and im wondering
if im doing it correctly,
A: After you receive the r4i gold 3ds card, you just download the firmware and then put the firmware files in the root of
your sd card, and then you can create some game folders, you can name them whatever you want, and then put the different games in different folders as you like.

Q: What is the major difference between the R4i Gold and the normal R4i SDHC? I was told by some people that the Gold is more updated and tends to run better. I don’t plan to buy a 3DS so is the purchase of the Gold still a better option for normal DS games?
A: The major difference is that they use different firmwares, they come from different teams. R4i gold is a little bit better than R4i SHDC because of the wood firmware. ANd if you only want to play DS games, the r4i gold is still a good choose.

Q: How long does the shipping normally takes to arrive UK?
A: It normally takes 7-15 days to arrive UK. As for those customer who have bought from us already, we will send you a tracking number so you can consult your tracking info.

1.1X Wood R4i Gold 3DS flashcart
2.1X USB SD Card Reader

Additional information

Memory Card

Free 8GB Kingston/Sandisk Card, MicroSDHC Card 16G(+£13.99)


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